If you've created good quality content for your marketing, you need to be inventive about how to use it. It shouldn't be a one and done! You need to be re-using this content!

We pin the latest fashions…and the hottest lifestyle products… And this time of year, we’re definitely pinning garden ideas, products and home decor items. We pin - A LOT - and if Pinterest isn’t currently part of your business strategy, you are missing out on potenti...

You already know quite a bit about Social Media but is it actually working for your business? If you're not sure, it's time for a social media audit!

Being seen on Social Media is crucial for a successful business.  But, is your company utilizing the right platform? While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like are all great for increasing customers, LinkedIn is the true game changer for B2B companies.

You… have a GREAT product.

You have a dedicated customer service team, extremely knowledgeable staff, and your website is on point.

So, why isn’t your business growing?

It could be that you’re not using Social Media to its fullest potential.

I’m sure you have a great...

This is truly my favourite hack on Facebook...

How to invite engaged users to come over and like your page who are NOT your friends... take a look!

I am sure many of you have heard just how awesome Facebook groups can be as a place to make some real connections with potential clients and essentially grow your business online. I see far too often, people who join groups with the very transparent mission to simply...

I often get asked this question.

"I'm starting a business and I don't know whether I should have a Facebook page or a group.  What should I use to promote my business?"