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9 Ways To Promote Your Events on Facebook

For those people new to creating events and promoting them, here are some ideas for promoting your Facebook event!

1. Invite your Facebook friends to come

You are able to invite your personal friends to your Business Page events by clicking "invite friends to come" within the event itself. You can then select who you would like to send the invitation to.

2. Share the event on your Facebook Page Timeline & Personal Timeline

It's not enough to create the post itself! Once it has been created it will show up on your business timeline immediately. However, it won't on your personal timeline. It's a great idea to share the event on both the Page and your Personal timeline as it will show up in people's feeds and gain exposure.

3. Email the URL (link) to your contacts in an email

When you are in business, you have a list of contacts that you can send this link to. Simply copy and paste the link to the Facebook event, add the flyer and any info as an attachment and let your contacts know about what you are planning. Your email contacts are your current clients and leads and they have an interest in what you are up to, so don't be shy!

4. Pin the Event to the top of your timeline for increased visibility

On the top right hand corner of the post, there is a small arrow down. When you click that arrow, you can select Pin Post to Top of Page. This way, when people visit your Facebook Page, they won't miss it as it will have more visibility.

5. Share with relevant groups

Leveraging groups is key to maximizing organic reach on Facebook. If you are hosting a Business Showcase locally, it would be a great idea to post this event in another group that is focused on business in the area to let them know. Choose groups that make sense for the type of event you are holding.

6. Create discussion within the Event

Once you have created the event, be sure to post within the Event timeline so that people who have responded "going" or "interested" see the posts and can receive more information about the event itself. People who have only marked that they are interested may change their decision, once they know more and you have convinced them they can't miss it.

7. Ask the Vendors to Promote

If you have vendors at your event, ask them to also post on their business and personal timelines on Facebook as well as any other social media. You can also ask them to share with their email contacts.

8. Use the Banner Space on Your Page to Advertise It

This is prime real estate!!! Your banner should be used to be promoting whatever it is that's the most important to you right now. You can create a custom banner using FREE online programs like Canva. The photo is recommended to be 1920 by 1080 pixels and you can design it using your own graphics, logo or use the free features within the program!

9. Create an Ad campaign for the Event

You can access this through your Ads Manager which can be found on the left hand side of your HOME page. Then choose Create Ad, "Then Raise Attendance at Your Event", set the budget, the audience and the graphics and your off to the races. The ad will show you how many people you are reaching and how the ad is doing. The great part is you can cancel the ad at any time if you aren't happy with the results!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post! If you are looking for additional support for your Business and using Facebook check out my Facebook Support for Business Group!

This is a group that supports each other with the many facets of Facebook in a free and comfortable setting. Often times, we have small and simple questions but they end up being huge because we don't know the answer.

Pop over and join today!

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