Do I need a "local" Social Media Agency?

Not at all!  We've worked with clients as far as Costa Rica, Peru and Great Britain!  Location isn't an issue for us as our work and workflows are entirely digital. 


We have established and refined our digital systems for the last 10 years and working in this way is practically seamless.


What's the difference between a 'Done With You' and a 'Done For You' package?

The 'Done With You' package is when we create your strategy and continue working with you for 6 months. We provide your monthly strategy and content plan. 


You create and manage everything but you have an agency in your back pocket planning everything out and supporting you along the way.  This is a great option for those who are tech savvy, super familiar with social already and love to DIY - and are coachable ;)

The Done For You package is when we create the initial strategy and we execute it!  This is a great option for businesses who don't know how, don't have time or don't want to bother with their social but know they need it.


What's included in a typical Done-For-You Social Media Management package?

 - Initial Strategy Development & Monthly Strategy

 - Monthly Content Planning & Creation

 - Custom Graphics & Image Optimization

 - Layout design (Instagram specific) 

 - Publishing on Social Channels

 - Community Management (responding to comments, questions)

 - Monthly Reporting & Analytics

 - Monthly Strategy Call 


How could you possibly post in my voice?

This is often a concern for coaches or other businesses who speak in "I" on social.  We take the time to learn your writing style, your voice and tone so that we can accurately represent you!  You also are able to review and 'finesse' the content we create as we provide you with a user seat in our scheduling software!  It's a nice bonus for those who like to tweak things!


How much does this all cost?

It varies!  We have introductory rates that start at $1,200 per month USD but we typically build out custom packages for each of our clients to best suit their needs and capabilities in house.  

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