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Social Media
Strategy & Management

Our clients have been seen in...

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I am willing to bet...

You don't have timedon't know how or just plain don't want to

handle your social media channels ​but know you need them as this is where people go to check out your business and if they want to work with you!


You're looking for support from a team of real human beings...

People who you can trust...who truly get your brand,

understand your mission and can translate what you do

into meaningful marketing that feels authentic to you.


How I know?

After 10 years in business, we've become intimately aware of the challenges you face with social media and how we can provide the support you need to keep you in your Zone of Genius!

We pride ourselves on being a values driven digital marketing agency who has been supporting heart centered and purpose driven businesses.  

That means that we only work with brands and clients / products

that are in alignment with our core beliefs and values.

If this sounds like what you're after..

keep reading.


If you're more keen on "pay per click" lead generation strategies

(Facebook Ads / Google Ads) you can click here:

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Social Media
Strategy Development

If you want to level up, you need a plan - and it all starts with strategy development.


Social Media is like any other communication or marketing tool, it must be well thought out and aligned with your business goals.  


Social Media Account

We offer two forms of monthly organic social media support:


Done For You

Fully managed social media accounts from start to finish


Done With You

Monthly overall strategy and content planning for you to take and execute! 


Our #1 goal is to build out the  customized plan that best supports you and keeps you focused on your zone of genius! 

How Does It All Work?


Here are some questions we often get about the services we provide!

Why Choose Us?


We are small enough to care yet experienced enough to get it done right.

20 Years Experience

We are small team but pack a big punch. We have 20 years combined experience "in house"

Personalized Strategy

We develop and tailor your digital marketing strategy specifically to your business.  You won't find any cookie cutter strategies here! 

Commited to Service

We commit to a one business day response time ensuring you get the support you need.  Something you won't get with larger agencies.

Trend Savvy

We're on top of what is working now so you don't have to be.


We use a personal and strategic approach to creating the content for your brand.

We provide value, education, inspiration to give people a reason to follow you.  

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I was so honored to meet Neale Donald Walsh and so many amazing thought leaders through our partnership with Celebrate Your Life!

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The single largest factor of our success is that we're energetically invested.  

Being values driven, we understand that when partnerships are formed with energetic alignment, we significantly increase our success.

That means that we only work with brands and clients / products

that are in alignment with our core beliefs and values

Tracy New Headshot.jpeg

Kelly and her team rock! They know social media in and out!

cannot say enough about Misty, my account manager and content creator. She quickly understood my mission and my voice.

Our work together helped to solidify my social presence and expand The Litt Factor audience.

Thank you all for your support in my mission to change the word, one woman at a time. XOXO

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