Social Media Strategy & Management

We know marketing your own business can feel hard so our intent is to make it easy by providing you with a social media roadmap to success or simply take it off your hands all together.

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Strategy Development

If you want to level up, you need a plan.


Social Media is like any other communication or marketing tool, it must be well thought out and aligned with your business goals.  


Social Media Account

Sometimes it's easier if you have someone to plan out your content for the week! 


We create the initial strategy and can provide ongoing support by fully managing your social media accounts or supporting you while you execute the strategy. 


Our goal is to keep you focused on your zone of genius and what you best!

Our Personalized Approach

We use a personal strategic approach to creating the content for your brand and aim to provide value, education, inspiration to give people a reason to follow you. 


After all, social media is your business being "social"... not about selling.

At least not directly.



If we met up at party, and all I did was pitch my services.... I don't think you'd stick around to learn more.


This is why we focus on developing content that gives people a reason to follow you.

What Makes Us Different


We are the perfect blend of experience and service and expertise! 

20 Years Experience

We are small team but pack a big punch. We have 20 years experience "in house"

Personalized Strategy

We develop and tailor your digital marketing strategy specifically to your business.  You won't find any cookie cutter strategies here! 

Commited to Service

We commit to a one business day response time ensuring you get the support you need.  Something you won't get with larger agencies.

Trend Savvy

We're on top of what is working now so you don't have to be.

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The single largest factor of our success is that we're energetically invested.  

We understand that when partnerships are formed with energetic alignment,

we significantly increase our success.

That means that we only work with brands and clients / products

that are in alignment with our core beliefs and values

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Kelly and her team rock! They know social media in and out!

cannot say enough about Misty, my account manager and content creator. She quickly understood my mission and my voice.

Our work together helped to solidify my social presence and expand The Litt Factor audience.

Thank you all for your support in my mission to change the word, one woman at a time. XOXO