The Team




Kelly is a plant powered, heart-led mom of four who is passionate about helping conscious businesses make a difference with the services they provide to the world.


She does this by assisting them make an impact with their social media and communications and has supported over 100 brands in the last 7 years.

She has experience in the travel and tourism industry, real estate, home building, product and service based industries.

Kelly is highly focused on creating authentic and relatable brand messaging to convey your story, all while achieving your end goals.



Jessie is a content specialist with over 15 years of copywriting experience.


She is passionate about creating eye-catching graphics and copy that inspires action, whether through blogs, social media posts or web pages.


Jessie is a mom-preneur, music lover, and all-around fun-loving gal.

Values that Guide Us


Posting core values is not something you see a lot of these days.

To be honest, we think that's what is missing so much of business. 


How can we remove who we are from what we do? 


The truth is we shouldn't.

Here are the values / beliefs that guide us.... and as a result, guide this business:


  • People come first - we exhibit kindness, honesty and accountability at all times

  •  We're invested - we have to be invested in the product or service we are promoting - this is an intangible piece of what makes a successful marketing strategy.  

  • Quality over quantity - sure, we can get you 1000 followers this month, but they'll be fake ones and will fall off over the course of time.  We focus on ethical and organic growth strategy to grow your accounts with real and engaged followers.



Misty is a storyteller, content creator and social media maven! The common thread in all this is immersion.


She helps people find themselves in a place, an experience, or a set of ideas; inviting people to become more fully engaged in the world.


Her work in the digital realm spans several industries including the travel and hospitality sector, real estate, video production, and education.


Conveying the essence of what a company offers and translating that into engaging content is what Misty strives for with all of her clients.


She has a knack for delivering heartfelt and witty content and will work with you to honor your vision and tone.

W e  b e l i e v e  i n  a  F I T


We are a fit to work together if:

  • You are ready to invest in a long-term and sustainable social media management strategy (Packages generally begin at $1,111 per month and are a 6 month commitment)

  • You understand that social media is constantly changing and our strategies will have to as well

  • You are ready to partner with us to create your marketing strategy and execute it across your social channels

  • Your values align closely with ours (see above)

  • You have a realistic goals and success metrics

We may not be the right fit if:

  • You want overnight results

  • You are shopping based on price point, not on quality of service

  • You have difficulty trusting people and letting go of this function of your business

  • You are unorganized

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