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Why "Unsubscribes" are a GOOD THING!

So, let me guess, you got a notice from your email provider that someone has unsubscribed from your list, and you feel, well.... not so awesome.

So here's the thing. This is actually a good thing!

Here's why...

When people are receiving your emails and they aren't opening them... over and over and over again... mail providers like Gmail start to think that this type of email is actually SPAM and starts to send your hard work into people's JUNK folders.

The people who you are sending your newsletter to are people you want to actually be opening them, because if they are not, it actually works against the deliverability of your messages in the future. So having an engaged audience is super important!

All that to say, do a little dance when someone unsubscribes to your email list, as then you are one step closer to delivering to people who are actually pickin' up what you're puttin down!

Not to mention that it saves you money! As your list size grows, it costs you more money. It's much more effective to be delivering quality content to a smaller and interested audience!

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