Social Media Strategy


We offer full service account management packages for all your social media platforms.


We not only handle creating the content and publishing it for the accounts, but we also monitor everything and ensure that no question or message gets left unanswered and no lead is left un-captured. 


We build a community around your brand by interacting with your followers and letting them know there is a person behind the scenes taking care of them and serving them. 


We make connections with your fans so that they have a memorable experience when they interact with your brand.





G e t t i n g   S t a r t e d

In order to fully understand your business and how Social Media can be best integrated, it's necessary to conduct a discovery session for your business. 


In this session we identify your core values, identify business goals, social media goals, customer profiles, content assets, media assets, competitors, strategy discussions, budgets for advertising, resources and key personnel involved.  


Social Media is like any other communication or marketing tool, it must be well thought out and aligned with your business goals and your core values.  

C o n t e n t  C r e a t i o n

We use a personal strategic approach to creating the content for your brand and aim to provide value, education, inspiration to give people a reason to follow you. 


After all, social media is your business being "social"... not about selling.


If we met up at party, and all I did was pitch my services.... I don't think you'd stick around and talk to me all night... right?

We work with you each month to determine how to best serve your goals and plan our social media content accordingly.


Using custom graphics and eye-capturing imagery with strategic calls to action, we boost your monthly engagement rates and spark conversations with your audience.


Achieving the VOICE of your brand is incredibly important to us as it promises a consistent and cohesive experience for your followers across all your social channels.   

Social Media Management.png

W h a t  m a k e s  u s  d i f f e r e n t ?


We bring personalized strategy to the game with a focus on exceptional service to my clients....we don't just create generic content and grow random followers for optics. 

Every minute put into your account involves strategy ....  it is all to support you in achieving the goals you have set out for your business! 

We take the time to learn your brand, personalize your marketing and grow you a base of raving fans.   


T h a t  B e i n g  S a i d ...


The single largest factor of my success is that we're invested.


We only work with brands and clients / products that are in alignment with our core beliefs and values


As a result, my team is able to achieve success for you, because we truly care about the impact you are trying to make in the world.

L e t ' s  C h a t  a b o u t 
W o r k i n g  T o g e t h e r !